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Bosco's 2012 NBA Mock Draft

Bosco's 2012 NBA Mock Draft

1. New Orleans Hornets- Anthony Davis- (Absolute clear cut number 1. Will dominate the paint for a long time)
2. Charlotte Bobcats- *TRADE* (If Not- Harrison Barnes- Michael Jordan isn't the greatest at drafting, just balling. And if he goes Barnes over highly projected Robinson, we can argue it is a UNC homer pick in more than one way)
3. Washington Wizards- Bradley Beal- (Pure BEAST of a scorer & will make John Wall a great PG)
4. Cleveland Cavaliers- "MKG" Michael Kidd-Gilchrist- (Being selfish here- since he is my favorite college player coming out I would love to see him paired with Kyrie Irving)
5. Sacramento Kings- *Thomas Robinson* (Probably won't last this long, but my prediction is that he is picked at the 2 spot IF Charlotte trades out of the spot)
6. Portland Trailblazers- Andre Drummond (Blazers need a Center of the future since Greg Oden was an obvious FAIL, Drummond will be the next project)
7. Golden State Warriors- Damian Lillard (This kid is a scoring PG, might even be a better Brandon Jennings, would replace Monta Ellis and fit right in with Steph Curry)
8. Toronto Raptors- Austin Rivers (Dion Waiters is the trendy pick here, but I dont think the Raptors take a slashing scorer when they have Demar DeRozan. Rivers will be the choice)
9. Detroit Pistons- Dion Waiters (The Ben Gordon trade forces me to think they go guard here, and Waiters who will be a top tier guard in this league fits that mold)
10. New Orleans Hornets- Kendall Marshall (New Orleans will look to pair Anthony Davis up with a pass first PG, Marshall is that guy)
11. Portland Trail Blazers- Tyler Zeller (I'm going out on a limb that the Blazers take 2 big men, but also hedging my bet if they take Damian Lillard early on)
12. Milwaukee Bucks- Meyers Leonard (The Bucks going big man here to replace the traded Bogut. Leonard has drawn big time attention from scouts, Bucks will scoop him up if he's available)
13. Phoenix Suns- Jeremy Lamb (Will be hard for the Suns to pass up on his talent if he falls down them. I believe Lamb will be a top 5 player from this draft when its all set and done)
14. Houston Rockets- John Henson (Houston filling a need here with UNC big man, who can rebound and does have a high upside)
15. Philadelphia 76ers- Terrence Ross (The Sixers may lose Lou Williams to free agency, if so this pick will lessen the blow)
16. Houston Rockets- Moe Harkless (The Rockets will fill two big needs with the picks of Henson & Harkless who is a slashing 6'8" SF)
17. Dallas Mavericks- Terrence Jones (Probably tied for the best do-it-all player in the draft with Draymond Green. Dallas can use this type of guy)
18. Houston Rockets- Marquis Teague (After the Rockets traded into this spot, I initally thought 3 mid 1st round picks could mean big time blockbuster, if that doesn't happen look for them to finish out their picks with a PG of the future)
19. Orlando Magic- Jared Sullinger (With the chances of the inevitable Dwight Howard trade being through the roof on draft night, why not go big man here. And not just any big man, remember as recent as 7 months ago this guy was a projected top 5 pick)
20. Denver Nuggets- Arnett Moultrie (An above average offensive PF. That is normally hard to find this late in a draft)
21. Boston Celtics- Perry Jones (See Below)
22. Boston Celtics- Royce White (A pair of forwards with major upside can be the youth needed to keep the Celtics title hopes alive for another year, as long as they bring back KG of course.
23. Atlanta Hawks- Andrew Nicholson- (A big man that lacks real athleticism but can score from anywhere on the floor)
24. Cleveland Cavaliers- Fab Melo (After adding either MKG or Barnes earlier they can really start to build a complete team with the addition of 7 footer)
25. Memphis Grizzlies- Jeff Taylor (If a PG falls to them here, they will grab him. But in my mock that doesn't happen, which forces the Grizzlies to make this pick, a 6'7" SF that does a little of everything, including being a big time defender)
26. Indiana Pacers- Draymond Green (This guy is a winner, who does a everything a basketball player can do. I think he will be a glue guy in the NBA for a long time. Would be a great pickup for the Pacers this late in the first round. Plus they should keep him of Miami's roster if they ever want to contend with them)
27. Miami Heat- Festus Ezeli (We have heard Greg Oden might want to take his injuries to South Beach, if that is in the Heat plans then Ezeli probably won't be the pick here. But I'll say Miami takes the flyer on Ezeli being the healthier of the two and their need for bigs)
28. Oklahoma City Thunder- Doron Lamb (The one glaring thing we saw in the Finals was that the role players for Miami just stepped up and knocked down shots. While OKC's just did not at all, therefore I think going with a winning college player who can knock down the three might be a key addition for them)
29. Chicago Bulls- Will Barton (A SG has been the biggest NEED for the Bulls since D-Rose has come along. Well its time they try and fix that. Barton can shoot, create his own shot and is big time in transition. Once Rose gets a glimpse of him, he will be dying to get back on the court ASAP)
30. Golden State Warriors- Quincy Miller (An extremely athletic 6'10" SF with a 7'3" wingspan. He will immediately make an impact in the Warriors rotation, while still having a great amount of room to improve over the years)

...Tomorrow I will release my Top 30 players of the 2012 NBA Draft in order from 1-30 on where I feel they will rank throughout the careers.

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