Monday, February 25, 2008

Bosco's Top 16 NCAA Basketball Rankings

Bosco's Top 16 NCAA Basketball Rankings
1. Tennessee Volunteers (25-2)
2. Memphis Tigers (26-1)
3. North Carolina Tarheels (26-2)
4. Texas Longhorns (23-4)
5. Duke Blue Devils (23-3)
6. UCLA Bruins (24-3)
7. Kansas Jayhawks (24-3)
8. Georgetown Hoyas (22-4)
9. Xavier Musketeers (24-4)
10. Stanford Cardinal (22-4)
11. Indiana Hoosiers (23-4)
12. Wisconsin Badgers (23-4)
13. Vanderbilt Commodores (23-4)
14. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (21-5)
15. Uconn Huskies (21-6)
16. a. Butler Bulldogs (25-3)
b. Drake Bulldogs (24-3)
-What a great basketball weekend across the board. I noticed a few key things this weekend that i would like to elaborate on a little bit. First is that although Uconn lost to Nova i think the loss helped the Wildcats more than it hurt the Huskies. Leading to Nova's HUGE game tonight against Marquette in which if they win they could put themselves back track to make the big tourney. Also, the #1 vs. #2 game did live up to the hype in my eyes, and if a ball bouncing one way or a free throw another leading to the difference i could not drop Memphis two spots down from Tenn. Also, I am a big fan of the Georgetown Hoyas this season, i think they could definitely put a good run together again and i think they are better than most people think that's why they are #8 in my rankings. Furthermore, i think that the Indiana Hoosiers, despite the loss of their head coach is still an overall better team than Wisconsin, leading to my #11 ranking. Lastly, i had to put both Drake and Butler in because not only was that game amazing, it also could have gone either way. Drake outplayed Butler in my eyes, but a ghost foul call when Drake was up only 2 with under minute to play may have changed the outcome, leading to my decision to keep Butler slightly ahead of Drake on the rankings. This week should continue to be a very entertaining time during the NCAA's final push to March Madness, enjoy everyone i know i will!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sports are ALIVE!

Whats up everyone! Just dropped in to write how happy and excited i am this time of the year. I know alot of people think sports drop off for a few months after the NFL season is over. I do agree that when it ends it does also bring a tear to my eye. But that doesn't mean you should turn off the sport side of your brain. Its now mid/late February and i am here to tell you that sports are alive, very alive!
First of all, you do have NFL offseason, which means mock draft upon mock draft, free agent period, trade talk, and yes the occasional 2008-2009 season predictions. I am the type of guy that gets into all of that stuff, especially the mock drafts. As you can see by my earlier posts. And i will have a few more mock drafts to come in the waiting weeks before the draft. Also, what's better than reading all kinds of blogs, columns, and headlines of major rumors that could lead to you putting that big name free agent or traded superstar in your teams jersey when you go to bed at night. For example, you hear a sudden noise on the bottom of the screen while watching ESPN and it is breaking news, it would probably go something like this... "ESPN's Chris Mortenson reports that the Minnesota Vikings are in major talks of trading for Bengals star WR Chad Johnson". Now whether you are a Viking fan or a Bengal hater you are going to bed at night a happy man imagining Ocho Cinco in a purple jersey. Although the offseason might not bring you big hits and great catches, there is plenty of excitement, you just have to know where to look and read. So football fans the season might be over but the NFL never dies.
Next, even if you cannot get into the NFL offseason, you still have plenty of options. One being Spring Training. How could you be a baseball fan and not be crazy excited by this time of year. I mean you have your favorite team auditioning players that could become key roles throughout the season. Or you could have last seasons unanswered questions that will probably be figured out by the end of March. Although the actual games may not be the most exciting thing in the world, you do get a chance to see some of the younger guys play and see what they can do. And sadly enough you may be able to tell if your team is out of the race before the season starts, depending on who shows up to camp out of shape or without a care. Either way it goes, its a great time to prepare yourself for a long baseball stretch that runs deep into the warmth of summer long ball, all the way through October to remember web gems.
Last but definitely not least, my favorite event that is happening this time of the year is the NCAA basketball conference stretch run leading to the tournaments. I absolutley love NCAA basketball, it is my heaven, i wait all year for it to start. But i wait even more for February and March. That's because this is the time where all the teams making there case for the NCAA Tournament, have to do it against teams they know so well in their respective conference. Not only do you have great conference matchups, you have big time players becoming big time stars. This is the time where you sit down on your couch flip on a game and watch somebody ramble off 40 against a conference foe. (ala Michael Beasley this past weekend) Or as i did tonight flip on the Indiana vs Purdue game. While the rest of America tunes in to American Idol, you still keep your manhood while watchin a grind it out Big Ten game where both teams are in the nations top 15. The best thing about it is, pretty much every night from here until selection sunday you have a chance to watch a meaningful game in the college basketball world. And if that isn't enough you can go online and read different people's bracketology or blogs(cough cough) about ins, outs, and bursting bubbles (which will be out some time this week, lol). But if you are reading this and saying, "eh you know what i can't really get into the whole thing until the madness starts". Well hey it may not be for everyone but just give it a try. When your wife, girlfriend, or parents are watching a boring reality show that you watch but really don't want to, go into the other room and flip on a game, i promise it won't let your sports craving down.
All together, i do believe that this is a great time for sports. Although you may not believe it, just try to get into one of the few events i've talked about. Whether its the NFL offseason, MLB Spring Training or a little pre-March Madness, i am SURE that you will be able to keep that sports drive in full gear. Not to mention, i didn't even get into the start of a great second half run in the NBA's Western Conference, a late season NHL push by your favorite team, or even the PGA or NASCAR starting up. Hey, the point is sports do not die in February and March, they are strong, you just have to find the one that keeps you going!

~Robert Bosco

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bosco's Top 16 NCAA Basketball Rankings

Bosco's Top 16 NCAA Basketball Rankings
1. Memphis - People seem to think they wouldnt even be top 5 if they lose a game because of their weak conference, but check out some of their non-conference victories. (at Oklahoma, at Uconn, USC, G'Town, Ariz)
2. Duke - A team that has literally gone this entire season without a big time analyst giving them credit, no matter who they beat there seems to be an excuse... read this, Duke's new spread offense will get them back to the Final Four.
3. Tennessee - Watch out America, this is a team has great athleticism and a great leader in Chris Lofton, they are ready for a deep run in the tourney to try and make the SEC Three-peat.
4. North Carolina - Although they have struggled in ACC play, a win is a win, no matter if it is by 20 points or 1 point. And to be winning these games without there floor general Ty Lawson, makes them more dangerous when he does come back.
5. Georgetown - In the deepest conference in the nation, the Hoyas seem to beat everyone that they are supposed to beat, and with almost no slip ups and losses at #1 Memphis, at Pittsburgh, and at Louisville, Gtown seems geared for another run to the Final Four.
6. Kansas - It seems every year Kansas loses way to early in the tournament but one thing is for sure that doesnt mean i dont think they are one of the best teams right now.
7. UCLA - Just like Georgetown, UCLA has to go through a rigorous conference schedule and a few bumps in the road are to be expected, but if they just finish out on top of the Pac-10, a #1 seed in the west is a great possibility which could lead to their 3rd straight Final Four appearance.
8. Butler - (22-2 & 11-2) One of those teams that quietly wins 30 games or so and people try to consider a sleeper but i think everyone should be ready and willing to write Butler 3 or 4 times on their bracket.
9. Texas - (20-4 & & 7-2) Wait a minute didn't this team lose every award possible winner Kevin Durant to the NBA? So shouldn't they be an average team? With wins over Kansas, UCLA, and Tenn, its time to believe they will get further than they did with Durant which was a 2nd round early exit.
10. Drake - (22-1 & 13-0) The record probably stands out, but then the question pops up who have they possibly beat? Well check out these wins and think of what these teams have done to mess up your brackets in previous years... at Wisc-Milw, at Wichita St, at Bradley, So. Illinois, and Creighton(twice).
11. Xavier - (20-4 & 8-1) Sean Miller is one of the best young coaches in all of basketball, and it truly is great how he has kept this team on the map since Thad Matta left for Ohio St. Miller is in control of the Atlantic 10 and on pace for maybe even a 3 seed in the tourney.
12. Kansas St - (17-5 & 7-1) The "Manhattan Messiah" Michael Beasley is not the only reason this team has knocked off Kansas and the rest of the big 12 that steps in their way. Bill Walker has a great year as well, this team can easily make a Final Four run.
13. Purdue - (20-5 & 11-1) Maybe the 3rd hottest team in the country right now winning 10 straight including 3 teams that were in the top 11 when they beat them, this team can be a team to watch come tourney time.
14. Notre Dame - (18-4 & 8-2) The Fighting Irish have won 8 games in a very tough Big East conference, that does seem to have a perennial Final Four team. With Luke Harangody bodying up with the big men underneath, it seems the guards have open looks behind the arc time after time.
15. Stanford - (20-3 & 9-2) Some analysts believe they are a top 6 team in the country, they still have to prove that and have an opportunity to when they finish the season, vs Wash St, at UCLA and at USC.
16. Indiana - (20-3 & 9-1) This team is mind boggling to me, with Eric Gordon they could put a deep run together in the tourney but then you look at the teams they beat and scratch your head and say, when will they play and beat a big time game?

Bosco & Duncan's 1st NFL Mock Draft from 1-16-08

2008 NFL Mock Draft vol. 1 (1-16-08)

1. Dolphins- Glenn Dorsey- DT- LSU
2. Rams- Jake Long- OT- Mich
picks 3-5 subject to coin flip
3. Raiders- Darren McFadden- RB Ark
4. Falcons- Matt Ryan- QB- BC
5. Chiefs- Chris Long- DE- Virgina
6. Jets- Vernon Gholston- DE- Ohio St
7. Patriots(from SF)- Mike Jenkins- CB- So.Fla
8. Ravens- Brian Brohm- QB- Louisville
9. Bengals- Keith Rivers- LB- USC
10. Saints- Sedrick Ellis- DT- USC
11. Bills- Kentwan Balmer- DT- UNC
12. Broncos- Ryan Clady- OT- Boise St
13. Panthers- DeSean Jackson- WR- Cal
14. Bears- Andre Woodson- QB- Kentucky
15. Lions- Sam Baker- OT- USC
16. Cardinals- Jonathan Stewart- RB- Oregon
17. Vikings- Limas Sweed- WR- Texas
18. Texans- Leodis McKelvin- CB- Troy
19. Eagles- Early Doucet- WR- LSU
20. Bucs- Dan Connor- OLB- Penn St
21. Redskins- Kenny Phillips- S- Miami
22. Cowboys(from Cle)- Aqib Talib- CB- Kansas
23. Steelers- Jeff Otah- OT- Pitt
24. Titans- Malcolm Kelly- WR- Oklahoma
25. Seahawks- Rashard Mendenhall- RB- Illinois
26. Jaguars- Calais Campbell- DE- Miami
27. Chargers- Roy Schuening- G- Oregon St
28. Cowboys- Felix Jones- RB- Ark
29. 49ers(from Ind)- Mario Manningham- Wr- Mich
30. Packers- John Carlson- TE- Notre Dame
31. Patriots- FORFEITED
32. Giants- Reggie Smith- S- Oklahoma

Put together by Robert Bosco and Kevin Duncan on January 16, 2008.

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