Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bosco's 2009 NFL Week 4 Rankings

  1. Baltimore Ravens (3-0) By far the best team right now, Joe Flacco gives this team something they have really missed since, hmmm forever... a Quaterback!
  2. New Orleans Saints (3-0) Not only are they unbeaten, they are 2-0 on the road in hostile places like Philly & Buffalo.
  3. Indianapolis Colts (3-0) Peyton Manning looks to be on a mission this year, & changes in the coaching staff haven't caused an issue so far.
  4. New York Giants (3-0) Schedule hasn't been tough, but going into Big D and pulling out a big division win and being 2-0 in the NFC East is a great start.
  5. New York Jets (3-0) Nobody thought they would be 3-0 before the year started when you saw their schedule as (@ Texans, Pats & Titans) WoW!
  6. Minnesota Vikings (3-0) Brett Favre is already +1 for the Vikings, meaning he has won them 1 game they wouldn't have if he was sitting on his couch.
  7. Cincinatti Bengals (2-1) Remember if it wasn't for the miracle of the decade against the Broncos they would be 3-0.
  8. Chicago Bears (2-1) I don't think anyone in Chicago is crying about not having a QB anymore, do you?
  9. San Francisco (2-1) Well here i go again, if it wasn't for Brett Favre the Niners and Vikings would swap spots in my rankings. Atleast they are back to respecability.
  10. New England Patriots (2-1) Although it took a fumbled kick-off for them to even have a winning record, totally shutting down the Falcons this week shows how good they are.
  11. Atlanta Falcons (2-1) Losing at the Pats is definitely not something to get to worked up about, plus Matty "ICE" looks to be the real deal.
  12. Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) Even without McNabb another QB has carried this offense, and no im not talking about Vick or Garcia, Kevin Kolb showing he could be the FUTURE!
  13. Dallas Cowboys (2-1) If Tony Romo didn't single handedly lose the game against the Giants then they would be way up this list, but a true test in Denver this week will show us who they really are.
  14. Green Bay Packers (2-1) They had to squeeze out a win against the Bears, then get pumbled by Cincy, but nothing better than playing the Rams to straighten out your problems, lets see how they fare in a game against their best player of all time. (Favre)
  15. San Diego Chargers (2-1) A team with a whole bunch of key injuries has still managed to be 2-1 and has a tough game at Pittsburgh this week, lets see who the better banged up team will be?
  16. Denver Broncos (3-0) Undefeated and ranked 16? Well i think their D is definitely for real but their schedule has not been, true test this week vs the Cowboys.
  17. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2) Troy Polamalu is the Most Valuable Player in the League, hands down! If he's healthy they are 3-0!
  18. Houston Texans (1-2) Looked abissmal against the Jets, then shocked everyone against the Titans, but then looked abissmal against the Jags? Inconsistency kills teams!
  19. Tennessee Titans (0-3) By far the best winless team after 3 games i have ever seen, are sure to get a win this week! We'd hope, although playing a tough road game at the Jags.
  20. Buffalo Bills (1-2) Another team bit by the last second snake, who would have thought 1 fumble in game 1 would changed the complection of this team, because they haven't looked like the team that was playin up until that point since!
  21. Arizona Cardinals (1-2) Not suprising to me, even thought they made the Super Bowl, they were only 9-7 in the regular season, they will be lucky to hit that mark this year.
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) Big division win against the Texans, another key game this week vs the Titans, i thought this team would be better then they have played so far.
  23. Detroit Lions (1-2) You may think I'm crazy ranking them here, but they are by far the best BAD team in the league. I love Jim Schwartz, and think he will build them back to an NFC North contender, look what has happend to the Titans Defense since he left too!
  24. Seattle Seahawks (1-2) Tought to see where a team actually stands without their QB and leader, but their defense has not been all that bad.
  25. Kansas City Chiefs (0-3) When you get to this part of the Rankings, you have to use the eye test to see which teams are better then the others, and i just think Kansas City is better than 26-32.
  26. Washington Redskins (1-2) They got really lucky against the Rams, or they would be my #31 team this week, because being the team to break the Lions streak is embarrasing, even if they are on the up and up.
  27. Oakland Raiders (1-2) They are ranked here because they have a win and looked good against San Diego week 1. Zero percent based on the game against the Broncos --> Eww!
  28. Carolina Panthers (0-3) They may turn it around, but not with Delhomme at QB, because as far as i see it, the team (especially WR's) have quit on him! Hell, after last years playoff performance then game 1 vs the Eagles this year i would quit on him too!
  29. Miami Dolphins (0-3) Had injury added to insult by losing Pennington this week, but this does not surprise me, this is direct result of taking advantage of a last place schedule one year and getting abused by a first place schedule the next.
  30. Tampa Bay Bucs (0-3) Although the Giants made them look like a high school team, i think Morris might be a good coach and i like his move to bench the scrubby veteran Leftwich!
  31. St. Louis Rams (0-3) Spags has their D looking better and better, but Kyle Boller just isn't going to cut it for them, 49ers may win by their largest margin in weeks come Sunday.
  32. Cleveland Browns (0-3) Whether its Cleveland writers saying Mangini is the worst hire in 25 years, or Mangini's horrible way to try to win the team over. (Fining guys for using water bottles, practically hazing rookies with bus trips, or the whole QB mess) This team if you can even call it a team is by far the worst in the NFL!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Believing the hype!

April 25, 2009 was supposed to be remembered as a great day for 49ers fans. This was the day that they got their successor to Jerry Rice, the day they got their first legit number 1 Wide Receiver since Terrell Owens left town after the 2003 season. The day that they finally put an end to a below mediocre passing game, that has lingered in the city for 5 miserable seasons. That's the problem it was suppose to be, but it isn't.
Leading up to draft day, I like many 49ers fans had dreams about how great it would be to land Michael Crabtree, but we thought it was just a dream. We had the number 10 pick, and he was considered to be top 3 by every draft "expert" out there. Then strange things started to happen, he was not able to work out at the combine due to an injury to his foot, and teams started to shy away from him, labeling him a "prima donna".
Draft day came, and suddenly the Niners were on the clock at 10, and Michael Crabtree was sitting there. They selected him, and every 49er fan across the country had to be celebrating, they got who they wanted. We didn't care about his injury (he would be healthy by training camp), or his attitude (Mike Singletary would take care of that). All was right in the city by the bay, we would again have an explosive offense.
Then training camp got closer and closer, still no contract. He was threatning to hold out the whole season and re-enter the draft in 2010. This guy couldn't be for real, he had to be bluffing to get a bigger deal, he would definetely be signed by the season opener. Well the season opener has come and gone, and so have two other regular season games. Tampering charges have been filed against the Jets for getting in the teams way of getting him to sign a new contract.
What went wrong with the negotiations? Does he have the wrong people advising him and telling him he is worth more than he is? Does he believe his own hype? He seems to believe that he should get paid based on where these "experts" projected him to go and not where he really did go.
It doesn't work like that, and he should accept the deal he was offered. It is a fair deal, more than the number 10 pick, but less than the number 8 pick. I don't understand where the confusion is, sign the deal. If your really as good as your hype, you will play a few years on that deal, prove it, and cash in on your second contract.

Romo still has to fix his issues!

I would like to start off by saying... "It's Time Romo"! And what i mean by that is, it is now time for you to step up and show us what you got, show us you really have what it takes. Most importantly show us that you can actually learn from your mistakes. I understand that the whole break up with Jessica Simpson may not have been entirely or even 1 percent because of the sports media. But always having to hear them say he couldn't handle being a celebrity in both the sports and entertainment worlds, at least makes me want to believe he listened! So what i am getting at is, finally we see him listen to the critics, and we see him take all the blame. And after last week's horrid performance (in Jerry Jones' self proclaimed Super Bowl atmosphere) against the hated Giants that is exactly what he did. To watch that press conference and see him sitting there pouting about how it was all on him, and how the rest of the team and Jerry did not deserve it, was a definite positive. I hadn't seen him act like that and truly believe him since he mishandled the snap against the Seahawks in the playoffs and put all the blame on himself. Which was the last time he played a game without being a "celebrity quarterback". That is exactly what Bill Parcells warned him not to turn into when he first became a starter, and yet he didn't listen and his career has not gone in the winning direction since. Yes, he lead them to a 13-3 season and had phenomenal stats but ask Bill Parcells if that stuff matters, or is it about WINNING! And still not having a playoff win or even a big win in December on his resume proves his career isn't where it could be!
So after hearing about the off-season where he worked on not turning the ball over, (granted we haven't seen the "Romo Fumbles" yet) we had to sit there and watch all those mistakes in the passing game happen all over again, and against our current bitter rival none the less. Those mistakes, whether it be rushing passes, trying to squeeze the ball somewhere he shouldn't, or even just making bad throws are what he was supposed to have fixed in the preseason. So if fixing issues is not going to work for him, I'm not sure, as much as i want to believe in it, that his last press conference, after the Giants game is really going to motivate him like all Cowboy fans wish it did. And as much as we'd all like, we won't find out after tonight's game or even by mid-season if he can actually fix his issues, we will find out come December and beyond. So as Cowboy fans bash him and praise him week to week, they all can hope (including myself) that he can finally show us all that he is the QB of the present and future for the Dallas Cowboys and not just a flash in the pan!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New York Yankee Post Season Roster Preview/Debate- Long ALDS lets Speed Kill!

How will the Yankees handle the 2009 Playoff roster come October? Well if i was asked that question i would answer it this way. First off, we have heard through the "Grape Vine" (Brian Cashman) that the Yanks will only carry 10 pitchers for the ALDS series. That series looks like it will be the longer of the ALDS's (8 days total) which will provide full rests for C.C Sabathia and A.J Burnett if they pitch games 1 and 2 for games 4 and 5. So carrying only 10 pitchers seems the logical choice here. That being said the 10 i believe will make it are: Sabathia, Burnett, Pettite, Rivera, Hughes, Coke, Chamberlain being the 7 almost definites, and these 3 as probables depending how they finish the last 9 games: Aceves, Marte and Robertson. This to me would be perfect because as i said earlier, you wont need to use a 4th starter with the longer series, so there really is not a need for another long reliever (Gaudin or Mitre) when you have Aceves and Joba who can fill that role.
The best thing about having only 10 pichers the 1st round maybe the fact that it allows for a deep bench for Joe Girardi and the Yanks. What used to be the model for Yankee World Series teams in the past? If you ask me deep benches and using that bench in the clutch time and time again. If you look back at some of those benches you might say, no way the Yanks will have a bench as deep as those from the late 90's. Well i am not going to disagree with that because there is no Tim "Rock" Raines, Ruben Sierra, Cecil Fielder, Luis Sojo, or Chili Davis. But there are some players that are going to make the roster that can do some big time damage in a different way of Yankee teams from the past. Now as a Yankee fan i know that players with top notch speed coming off the bench have killed us in the past. Such as Dave Roberts fpr the Red Sox in 2004, or Chone Figgins for the Angels in 2002. But when has a Yankee fan seen that speed really help them? Well since this Yankee team has been on its run which id say started in 1996, (probably ended last year, but Jeter, Rivera, Pettite, Posada are still on roster so we will say its still going), Never! Yeah you can say they have had guys steal bases come playoff time in the past years but nothing like this Postseason has the opportunity to do. Brett Gardener has been a burner on the bases all year long and has proven when he comes into the game late that he can steal a base or two with no problem. Also, there is talk up in the North East that the Yanks are thinking and are pretty set on carrying another speedster Freddy Guzman on the roster, so having the two of them will allow for small ball to be played big time come late innings of atleast the ALDS. So having the element of speed that has killed Yankee teams in the past might acutally be the key for them to win a playoff series for the first time since 2004.

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