Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bosco & Duncan's 2009 Power Rankings- Week 8

  1. New Orleans Saints (6-0) (Last Week's Ranking-1) After another big win this week, this one a comeback from 21 down, they seem to be learning how to win every way possible.
  2. Indianapolis Colts (6-0) (LW-2) Destroying the Rams isn't a surprise at any level, but continuing the undefeated run is still impressive.
  3. Denver Broncos (6-0) (LW-3) Coming off their bye week they will look to stay undefeated in Baltimore who is also coming off their bye.
  4. New England Patriots (5-2) (LW-7) The Pats beat up the Bucs for their 2nd straight big win to move up our rankings, this week they have a bye, but only reason its actually needed is because they just played overseas in London.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) (LW-8) A big win over undefeated Minnesota last week, now they get to rest up on their bye week.
  6. Minnesota Vikings (6-1) (LW-4) It's about time karma has caught up to the Vikings, after a few last second victories they finally lose a late close game. Now Favre back to Green Bay for the 1st time not in a Packer uniform, should be fun to watch!
  7. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) (LW-11) Beating up the Bears like they did this past week, really proves once and for all that the Bengals are just not going away this year.
  8. Green Bay Packers (4-2) (LW-13) Another easy win for the Pack, lets see how they are this week in their much anticipated rematch with Favre and the Vikings.
  9. New York Giants (5-2) (LW-5) The Giants are proving that their 5-0 record was a product of their easy schedule with two losses against quality teams in a row. Big game in Philly.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles (4-2) (LW-10) A solid division road win against the hapless Skins this week, now a big battle at home against the G-Men.
  11. Dallas Cowboys (4-2) (LW-14) One of the biggest statement wins the Cowboys have had in recent past, proving that they are in the playoff race after all.
  12. Atlanta Falcons (4-2) (LW-6) Probably not a loss that's worth dropping 6 spots on the power poll but not getting that win does show they are not an "elite" team yet.
  13. Arizona Cardinals (4-2) (LW-15) A huge road win in Giants stadium to lift them ahead of the Niners in the NFC West. Let's see if they can hold onto it.
  14. Baltimore Ravens (3-3) (LW-16) A bye week gave us reason to reflect on how easily this team could be 6-0 and a big win over the Broncos this week could put them on a fast track back into our top 10.
  15. Houston Texans (4-3) (LW-17) Nice win at home against the 49ers but something tells me if Alex Smith started that game, the Texans are 3-4 and not sitting at #14.
  16. New York Jets (4-3) (LW-19) Blowing out the Raiders in Oakland, was a MUST for the Jets, and they got it done. Now a big rivalry game at home vs Miami.
  17. San Diego Chargers (4-3) (LW-20) The Chargers have not looked like the team people expected before the season started until the past week at the Chiefs, now they get the Raiders at home to look that good again!
  18. Chicago Bears (3-3) (LW-9) Dropping so many spots in the rankings is deserved based upon the last two weeks, Cutler has not looked good and they are now .500.
  19. San Francisco 49ers (3-3) (LW-12) After another loss to put the Niners back at .500 and move them to 2nd place in the division for the first time, atleast Alex Smith stepping into the helm gives the fans a hope.
  20. Buffalo Bills (3-4) (LW-23) Two straight wins for the Bills who looked like at one point they were headed to another horrific season, but now they have a shot, but a huge game this week when they host the Texans.
  21. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) (LW-21) Coming off their bye week, they will look to get over the .500 hump in their second meeting with the Titans.
  22. Miami Dolphins (2-4) (LW-18) A heartbreaking loss to the Saints this week, because a win would have put them back in the AFC East contention, rather than bumping them 2 games below .500.
  23. Carolina Panthers (2-4) (LW-22) If they really wanted to fight for a wildcard, then they probably shouldn't have lost at home to the Buffalo Bills.
  24. Seattle Seahawks (2-4) (LW-24) They remain in spot #24 soley on the fact they were on a bye last week, and they probably wish they could stay on that bye rather than going to Big D to play the Cowboys.
  25. Oakland Raiders (2-5) (LW-25) How could you get blown to pieces for the 2nd time this year against at NY team and remain in the same spot? Well shows you how horrible the bottom 10 of the NFL is this year.
  26. Washington Redskins (2-5) (LW-27) The Redskins have moved up our charts, and the only good thing to happen to them was they finally scored 17 points.
  27. Kansas City Chiefs (1-6) (LW-26) Not much to say here, they were playing well until Philip Rivers came to town and he and Vincent Jackson had themselves a day.
  28. Detroit Lions (1-5) (LW-29) Another team that moves up the charts because of a bye week and only the bye week. Can you imagine even trying to watch Rams at Lions this week?
  29. Cleveland Browns (1-6) (LW-29) Browns get obliterated by Packers and remain at their ranking, but that just again shows you how bad the bottom 10 are.
  30. Tennessee Titans (0-6) (LW-31) Another team to move up because of a bye week, now Vince Young gets a chance to show what he has this week against the Jags.
  31. St.Louis Rams (0-7) (LW-30) After one week of climbing out of the 31 hole, the Rams are right back in that spot again after being spanked by the Colts. They will try for win #1 this week at the Rams.
  32. Tampa Bay Bucs (0-7) (LW-32) The Bucs continue to bring up the rear for us two Americans, and after last week's performance in London, I'm sure they bring up the rear for all of Europe too.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bosco's 2009-2010 NBA Predictions


Atlantic Division
1. Boston Celtics
2. Philadelphia 76ers
3. Toronto Raptors
4. New York Knicks
5. New Jersey Nets

Central Division
1. Cleveland Cavs
2. Chicago Bulls
3. Detroit Pistons
4. Indiana Pacers
5. Milwaukee Bucks

SouthEast Division
1. Orlando Magic
2. Washington Wizards
3. Miami Heat
4. Atlanta Hawks
5. Charlotte Bobcats


NorthWest Division
1. Portland Trail Blazers
2. Denver Nuggets
3. Oklahoma City Thunder
4. Utah Jazz
5. Minnesota T'Wolves

SouthWest Division
1. San Antonio Spurs
2. New Orleans Hornets
3. Dallas Mavs
4. Houston Rockets
5. Memphis Grizzlies

Pacific Division
1. LA Lakers
2. Phoenix Suns
3. LA Clippers
4. Golden State Warriors
5. Sacramento Kings


Eastern Conference
1. Cleveland Cavs
2. Orlando Magic
3. Boston Celtics
4. Chicago Bulls
5. Washington Wizards
6. Philadelphia 76ers
7. Detroit Pistons
8. Toronto Raptors
Eastern Conference Championship
Cleveland Cavs over Orlando Magic in 7 games

Western Conference
1. LA Lakers
2. San Antonio Spurs
3. Portland Trail Blazers
4. Denver Nuggets
5. New Orleans Hornets
6. Phoenix Suns
7. Dallas Mavs
8. Oklahoma City Thunder
Western Conference Championship
LA Lakers over Portland Trail Blazers in 6 games

LA Lakers over Cleveland Cavs in 5 games- MVP- Kobe Bryant

Rookie of the Year- Tyreke Evans (Kings)
Most Improved- Lou Williams (Sixers)
6th Man- Nate Robinson (Knicks)
Coach of the Year- Scott Brooks (Thunder)
Defensive Player of the Year- Dwight Howard (Magic)
MVP- Derrick Rose (Bulls)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bosco & Duncan's 2009 Power Rankings- Week 7

  1. New Orleans Saints (5-0) (Last Week's Ranking-1) We don't want to say we told you so, but hey we told you so! We took alot of heat for having them ranked #1 since the start but last week's big win over the NYG proves they belong at the top.
  2. Indianapolis Colts (5-0) (LW-2) Coming off a bye and now playing the Rams? Wow we think they are going to stay towards the top of the rankings for atleast another week.
  3. Denver Broncos (6-0) (LW-5) Jumped up 2 spots this week, due to there big win in San Diego to take a strangle hold lead on the division! We don't think they will collapse and lose it to the Chargers this year.
  4. Minnesota Vikings (6-0) (LW-4) Keeping them at #4 this week, but they have a great chance to move up if they take care of business in Pittsburgh.
  5. New York Giants (5-1) (LW-3) Due to the rest of the top 10 losing, the Giants did not fall as far as they could have. Losing like they did in the "Big Easy" either smacked their defense in the face or showed us who they really are. We will see this week vs Cardinals.
  6. Atlanta Falcons (4-1) (LW-9) A big win on SNF against a possible team that maybe in the wildcard hunt, and another big game this week at Dallas who also can be considered a wild card contender.
  7. New England Patriots (4-2) (LW-11) Well last week we told you that Belichek would take his frustrations out on the Titans, but even we didn't see 59-0 coming. They play Tampa Bay this week, we are SURE there wont be any snow, but we aren't sure if they'll drop 60 or not!
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2) (LW-10) Okay the Steel Curtain just beat the Lions and the Browns in consecutive weeks to get to their 4-2 record, this week is the first true test for them since losing to Cincy when they host the Vikings.
  9. Chicago Bears (3-2) (LW-8) Tough loss at the Falcons on SNF, now they have a battle at Cincy this week. And if you are on Twitter you can see Ocho Cinco and Cutler had a few words back and forth but all in good fun, should be a good game.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) (LW-6) We had them ranked 6th last week, and obviously we thought they were better than they really are. Losing to the Raiders? Come on! We don't even get to see them bounce back with a true test this week either at the Skins on MNF.
  11. Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) (LW-7) The loss at home to the Texans really has to hurt, because its loss #2 at home and when you are in the AFC North, you can't really have losses like that if you want to win the division.
  12. San Francisco 49ers (3-2) (LW-14) Coming off a bye week, its time to see if the Niners can bounce back on the road against the inconsistent Texans. To win this game the Niners secondary (Clements) needs to do a much better job (A.Johnson).
  13. Green Bay Packers (4-2) (LW-15) Well good medicine this year for most NFL teams are matchups against the bottom of the league. And after shutting out the Lions the Pack now goes to Cleveland to see if they can take advantage of them as well.
  14. Dallas Cowboys (3-2) (LW-17) Coming off the bye week, the Cowboys have a tough matchup in "JerryLand" against the HOT Atlanta Falcons, will be a tough test to see if Dallas belongs in the playoff hunt.
  15. Arizona Cardinals (3-2) (LW-18) Well we think that the Cardinals may be back, after totally destroying the Seahawks on the road last week. But we get to see if the Super Bowl Cardinals are back if they can beat the Giants on the road on SNF.
  16. Baltimore Ravens (3-3) (LW-12) The Ravens were once 3-0 but that seems like a long time ago after losing 3 consecutive heart breakers. They were a last second field goal away from possibly being ranked 9th. Now a much needed bye week.
  17. Houston Texans (3-3) (LW-20) Well one of if not the most inconsistent teams in the NFL has won another big game but now has a must win against the Niners if they want to be a legit playoff contender.
  18. Miami Dolphins (2-3) (LW-19) The "Wildcat" is for real, well atleast it is in Miami. They seem to be the only team to successfully run it, and with Chad Henne having the arm that he does, makes this team dangerous.
  19. New York Jets (3-3) (LW-13) Almost a can't lose this week against the Raiders due to 3 consecutive losses. And the last 2 being against division rivals. Rex Ryan really has to get this team on the right track and fast.
  20. San Diego Chargers (3-3) (LW-16) A few more head scratchers during Monday night's game against the Broncos for Norv Turner. We just can't seem to trust him in a big spot and its starting to look like the team doesn't either.
  21. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) (LW-22) The Jags have moved up 1 spot and are now at .500 but its because they had to beat the lowly Rams in overtime at home. This team is going to have to prove alot more to us, to really move up the rankings.
  22. Carolina Panthers (2-3) (LW-23) The Panthers have won 2 in a row after their bye week. They have a shot to get back to .500 this week when hosting the Bills. John Fox seems to have got this team on the right track.
  23. Buffalo Bills (2-4) (LW-28) Well just when we thought it was over for Dick Jauron and the Bills this year, they go into the Meadowlands and beat the Jets in overtime. We think that this week's loser of Bills at Panthers will be out of the playoff race for good.
  24. Seattle Seahawks (2-4) (LW-21) Getting rocked at home to the division rival Cardinals makes us think that Seattle showed us who they really are. Now a much needed bye.
  25. Oakland Raiders (2-4) (LW-30) You may say, "Why the big jump in the rankings?" but when it comes down to it, when the Raiders defense decides to play they can play with alot of teams in the league and obviously the Eagles are one of them.
  26. Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) (LW-27) We said last week that we liked how the team was playing in recent weeks, and they finally got their fist win against the sinking Redskins. Now they catch the Chargers at home after they had a big MNF loss to the Broncos.
  27. Washington Redskins (1-5) (LW-24) The Skins once again showed us that the organization is in turmoil this week after losing at home to the winless Chiefs then letting Sherm Lewis call plays over the guy they hired to originally run the offense. (Shaking our heads)
  28. Cleveland Browns (1-5) (LW-25) Losing at Pittsburgh last week was a tough game to have coming off their 1st win, but now while half the team has the flu they get to host the Packers, good luck.
  29. Detroit Lions (1-5) (LW-26) Well last week we told you that the Lions seemed to be satisfied with their 1 win, and after not even showing up against the Packers, we now fully believe that.
  30. St. Louis Rams (0-6) (LW-31) The Rams were finally able to move out of the 31st spot in our rankings, but not due to a win. Its just the fact that when a winless team in front of you losses by 59pts they are sure to drop below you.
  31. Tennessee Titans (0-6) (LW-29) Once again we are going to bring up 59-0, the only reason that we keep the Bucs in the final spot is because not only are they winless, but we think they will remain winless for the rest of the season.
  32. Tampa Bay Bucs (0-6) (LW-32) See above.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bosco & Duncan's 2009 Power Rankings- Week 6

  1. New Orleans Saints (4-0) (Last Week's Ranking-1) Let's see if this past week's bye can help the offense look like they did the first 2 weeks. Tough task against the Giants D though.
  2. Indianapolis Colts (5-0) (LW-2) Whooped up on the division rival Titans on SNF. Peyton looks like the early season MVP going into their bye week.
  3. New York Giants (5-0) (LW-3) Made yet another team look like they belong on a high school field. Huge test this week at New Orleans. A win might put them at #1.
  4. Minnesota Vikings (5-0) (LW-4) Made quick work of the Rams- Wow! Do the really good teams in the NFL make the bad teams look Horrible or what?
  5. Denver Broncos (5-0) (LW-7) Ok so if there were any doubters left, they flew out the window after last week's win over New England, now lets see if they can take a commanding division lead over the well rested Chargers this week.
  6. Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) (LW-8) After punishing the Bucs last week, the Eagles look like they are back on track. Bucs secondary = perfect dose of medicine for McNabb!
  7. Cincinnati Bengals (4-1) (LW-12) Another BIG win & now 1st place in the AFC North <-- Who would have thunk it?
  8. Chicago Bears (3-1) (LW-9) After a little R&R on their bye week, the Bears go down south to Atlanta on SNF for a possible long shot Super Bowl preview?
  9. Atlanta Falcons (3-1) (LW-13) After really coming off their bye week as strong as possible in San Fran. The Dirty Birds will be looking for two in a row against the Bears on SNF!
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) (LW-14) Hoping a game against the Lions put them on the right track, but if it did not then I'm sure the game vs the Browns this week will!
  11. New England Patriots (3-2) (LW-5) Bill Belichek is probably not in a good mood to say the least after losing to his pupil Josh McDaniels, so he might just have to take out his frustrations on the winless Titans in Foxboro.
  12. Baltimore Ravens (3-2) (LW-6) Two heartbreaking losses in a row, now a game in the MetroDome to play Favre who looks younger each week? Ouch!
  13. New York Jets (3-2) (LW-10) After a tough loss in a rivalry game where the D didn't look so hot, help is on the way when Buffalo comes to town. Rex should have the D amped up and ready to go this week.
  14. San Francisco 49ers (3-2) (LW-11) The bye week couldn't come at a better time after last week's dud against the Falcons. On the plus side, after the bye they get Gore back and Crabtree will make his debut.
  15. Green Bay Packers (3-2) (LW-15) No movement after last week's bye. They will try to right the ship this week when hosting the Lions, this one could get ugly, fast.
  16. San Diego Chargers (3-2) (LW-16) Again, no movement after last week's bye. This week they get to host the undefeated and division leading Broncos, let's see if Norv has them prepared.
  17. Dallas Cowboys (3-2) (LW-18) They won, but needed O.T and a record setting performance by Miles Austin to survive against the Chiefs. Lets hope they use this bye week well and not to go on vacation to someplace like hmmm Cabo?
  18. Arizona Cardinals (2-2) (LW-20) A much needed victory over the Texans last week, now lets see if they take advantage and ride "Ole Mo" (Momentum)
  19. Miami Dolphins (2-3) (LW-21) A huge win to pull to within 1 game in the division. Now a bye week to see if they could make the "wildcat" even more dangerous.
  20. Houston Texans (2-3) (LW-17) Everytime you want to jump on the Texans bandwagon, they just shoot you right back to reality. 8-8 here you come... AGAIN!
  21. Seattle Seahawks (2-3) (LW-24) I don't know what to think about this team, i still scratch my head with them, but with Hasselbeck back it seemed that the whole team returned too.
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3) (LW-19) What was that Jax? Seriously! After that performance and Jones-Drew fighting with the coaching staff this team could be heading in a downward spiral and fast.
  23. Carolina Panthers (1-3) (LW-26) Finally Carolina gets in the win column. Now let's see if they can make it two in a row against the winless Bucs.
  24. Washington Redskins (2-3) (LW-22) Skins have had one of the if not THE easiest schedule in football so far and they still have a losing record. We will see if they can get a much needed win over the fast improving Chiefs at home this week.
  25. Cleveland Browns (1-4) (LW-29) An overtime loss to a top 10 team, then win #1 up in Buffalo. Mangini is ManGENIUS again! Wait a minute? They go to Pitt this week!
  26. Detroit Lions (1-4) (LW-25) Their win against Washington is looking worse and worse each week and its also looking more and more like they are satisfied with atleast winning one this year.
  27. Kansas City Chiefs (0-5) (LW-30) They moved up 3 spots but are winless? Well look at the teams below them, they are by far playing the best out of the bottom feeders!
  28. Buffalo Bills (1-4) (LW-23) Dropping 5 spots from last week? Well losing at home to the previously winless Browns by a score of 6-3 will do that to you. Good luck going to the Meadowlands and playing a pissed off Rex Ryan/Jets Defense.
  29. Tennessee Titans (0-5) (LW-27) The Titans really need to get in the win column, too bad they are playing the Patriots off a loss! Hosting the Bills Nov.15 can't come soon enough!
  30. Oakland Raiders (1-4) (LW-28) Antonio Pierce of the Giants said something to the affect of the Raiders playing like it was a training camp scrimmage and how he feels bad for the Raider fans, i second that.
  31. St. Louis Rams (0-5) (LW-31) Same spot as last week, another loss, didn't look good again and until they get a win, it looks like that 31 or 32 position is where they will stand. Bulger is returning this week on a positive note.(Although I'm not sure that's a positive in St.Louis)
  32. Tampa Bay Bucs (0-5) (LW-32) Still our last ranked team in football. They do host the Panthers this week and a win will finally knock them off the bottom perch!

Pure Happiness- It's been too long!

19-8, that was the score of the game, and that game was the last time i was truly happy about baseball. That was October 16, 2004, Game 3 of the ALCS in Fenway Park. The Yankees won that game and took a commanding 3-0 lead over the hated rival Boston Red Sox. That game was almost exactly one year after the most exciting game and play in my lifetime (Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS). That was when Aaron Boone hit one of the biggest "Walk Off" homerun's in Championship series history to complete a 4-3 series win and advance to the World Series. Well on October 16, 2004 after the Yanks went up 3-0 i was thinking that the ending would be just as sweet, because the Yankees were about to sweep their rival right out of the ALCS! But that never happened. They had there shots though, like the two consecutive extra inning nail biters in Fenway, that both went in the Red Sox favor. Then they headed back to the Bronx for the last two games, the Yanks were sure to win one of the two right? Nope, they blew it, they suffered the biggest collapse in MLB Postseason history. And since that series ended (specifically game 3) I have not been truly happy as a baseball fan!
Now sure, a few years back, an ALDS win would never have done it for me, never have made me happy. But after the Yankees did not make the playoffs last season, I realized I took October baseball for granted, and I realized how much I need it in my life. So when they clinched the division this past September, i must admit, I popped the champagne in happiness. But not the happiness I used to feel from 1996-October 16, 2004.
Then came Game 1 vs the Twins last week. C.C Sabathia was on the mound and looking as dominate as ever, but other than Derek Jeter (of course) the rest of the team was struggling to get on base. At that point I happened to think back of the past few Postseasons (everyone since the 2004 collapse actually)and couldn't help but think another first round exit? But then something happened, something that in my heart I always wished would, but hadn't happened since the collapse. That something was Alex Rodriguez coming alive and playing with the "swagger" we all knew he had inside. He put the Yankees on his back and carried them to their first playoff series win since the series before the collapse.(Twins in 2004 ALDS). To try and explain to you how happy i felt when Mariano Rivera got the last out in Game 3, and how happy i still feel right now is impossible. It can't be put into words. The only way i can actually become happier would be an ALCS win over the Angels (Who the Yanks have struggled against in recent Postseason past) and of course World Series win #27. Then to express my happiness i will be able to attend my first "Ticker Tape Parade" down the "Canyon of Heroes". I can promise you that at that point, if it happens, i will be the HAPPIEST i can be about baseball again!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bosco & Duncan's 2009 Power Rankings- Week 5

  1. New Orleans Saints (4-0) Earned the top spot right now due to quality wins compared to the other undefeated teams, i.e- Knocking off the Jets last week. -Duncan
  2. Indianapolis Colts (4-0) Peyton Manning looks like he's 25 all over again, except this time better! -Duncan
  3. New York Giants (4-0) Only knock has been their schedule so far but they are 3-0 on the road this year, & finally at home this week for the 1st time in a month. -Bosco
  4. Minnesota Vikings (4-0) Speaking of a QB looking 25 again, where did Favre get this energy boost from? Plus the Vikings D has been sensational when it has to be. -Bosco
  5. New England Patriots (3-1) If a few calls don't go their way, they could have been 2-2, but refs are apart of the game, and once again Tom Brady is proving he just wins! -Bosco
  6. Baltimore Ravens (3-1) Pairing a really good Offense with this D shows how scary this team will be for the course of the season. -Bosco
  7. Denver Broncos (4-0) Mike Nolan coming to town has really turned this team around. Their D has averaged around 6pts a game so far. Elvis Dumervil is a beast! -Duncan
  8. Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) With Mcnabb & Westbrook coming back this week, we will get a true showing of exactly where they stand, although they play the lowly Bucs. -Bosco
  9. Chicago Bears (3-1) Jay Cutler looks to finally be maturing before our very eyes. The Bears are 3-1 and haven't even clicked on all cylinders yet. -Bosco
  10. New York Jets (3-1) Sanchez looked like a rookie, but will now be throwing to a much better receiver in Braylon Edwards. Their Defense still looks top notch! -Bosco
  11. San Francisco 49ers (3-1) Mike Singletary has this team drinking the Kool-Aid! And after this week's game then the bye, they only get better with Gore and Crabtree. -Duncan
  12. Cincinnati Bengals (3-1) This could be the year the Hard Knocks curse comes to a crashing halt! Ocho Cinco looks to be on track and the team is on the up & up. -Bosco
  13. Atlanta Falcons (2-1) This should be another tough road test for the Falcons this week at Candlestick where the stingy Niners D will be waiting. -Duncan
  14. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) Finally got the big win they needed to boost them back to .500 but almost blowing that big lead still has to have Steeler fans worried! -Bosco
  15. Green Bay Packers (2-2) Monday night's game showed America where the Packers belong... middle of the Pack! (No pun intended) -Bosco
  16. San Diego Chargers (2-2) They better get it going soon, because 8-8 will not win the division this year! -Duncan
  17. Houston Texans (2-2) Slaton finally got it going last week. This offense will become scary if they turn up the dial and get everyone going at once! -Duncan
  18. Dallas Cowboys (2-2) I call it when i see it, and right now i see Dallas no better than 8-8. Tony Romo once against showed he doesn't have a clutch skin tissue on his body. -Bosco
  19. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2) After a shaky start, the Jags look to be playing much better right now and with the Titans at 0-4, there wild card hopes have increased! -Duncan
  20. Arizona Cardinals (1-2) They better start playing better soon, because the Niners are for real and they are not going to run away with the West as predicted. -Duncan
  21. Miami Dolphins (1-3) Just when you thought the season was over, a blessing in disguise could have been formed because Chad Henne got his shot and won game 1! -Bosco
  22. Washington Redskins (2-2) Okay, this is a hard team to review, yes they have 2 wins but they beat the Rams and Bucs at home who are our 2 lowest ranked teams! -Bosco
  23. Buffalo Bills (1-3) Its hard to believe this team is going to have another less than .500 season. I think its finally time for Dick Jauron to go, & he can take T.O with him. -Bosco
  24. Seattle Seahawks (1-3) Getting Matthew Hasselbeck back should help this team, but they need a lot more help than just him at this point! -Duncan
  25. Detroit Lions (1-3) After looking so good against the Redskins, they looked just as bad against the Bears, and with Stafford banged up it could just get worse! -Bosco
  26. Carolina Panthers (0-3) If they want to pull themselves out of the NFC basement they NEED to start this week by beating the awful Redskins.
  27. Tennessee Titans (0-4) Wow! Who would have thought this team would go from #1 seed in the AFC to winless through the first quarter of the season. -Duncan
  28. Oakland Raiders (1-3) After 2 abysmal showings the last 2 weeks, things don't get easier with a trip to Giants Stadium! Will they finally score a TD? -Duncan
  29. Cleveland Browns (0-4) Last week, i was thinking that the team may have listened to the city and quit on Mangini but that was BEFORE they played the Bengals! -Bosco
  30. Kansas City Chiefs (0-4) For anyone out there who thought Matt Cassell would step in and turn this team around... boy were you wrong! -Duncan
  31. St.Louis Rams (0-4) Well atleast they can't lose this week. Most teams take advantage of their bye week, we will have to wait and see if it helps the Rams- Duncan
  32. Tampa Bay Bucs (0-4) Jon Gruden doesn't look so bad now huh? This team looks like they should be playing in the UFL not the NFL! -Duncan

*Bosco (NFC East, AFC East, NFC North, AFC North)

*Duncan (NFC West, AFC West, NFC South, AFC South)

-This week's rankings are the first done by both Bosco & Duncan, and the rest of the season's rankings will be done by the two of us together as well!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bosco's 2009 MLB Playoff Predictions

National League

Phillies over Rockies in 4
-Lee & Hamels should take care of games 1 and 2 at home then take 1 of the 2 in Colorado.
-World Series run last year will benefit the Phils in this postseason in their attempt to repeat.

Cardinals over Dodgers in 4
-Dodgers will have more of a fighting shot then most think but Carpenter + Wainwright = 2Much
-Cardinals look as primed as they have been in years to get back to World Series.

Cardinals over Phillies in 6
-Once again the top 2 starters for the Cardinals will be putting on a show. I think that the Phillies can definitely match there starting pitching but i just don't trust Brad Lidge anymore! Bullpen is the difference in this one, plus i think Pujols wants a second ring bad.
-NLCS MVP- Chris Carpenter

American League

Angels over Red Sox in 5
-This is the year the Angels finally payback the Red Sox, will be a great series.
-The decision to start Lester over Beckett in game 1 will backfire on Terry Francona! You just don't do that to a top 5 Post Season pitcher of all time!

Yankees over Twins in 4
-The Twins have Mauer, the Twins have Nathan, the Yanks just have so much more!
-The Yankees seem to be on a mission, and i think the off season additions are the reason why.

Yankees over Angels in 6
-Finally the year the Yanks get over there postseason hurdle (Anaheim).
-As i said before this team is on a mission, and going out to Cali in Sept and winning that series i think pushes the Yanks confidence over the top against the Angels.

World Series
Yankees over Cardinals in 7
-This series will be an all time classic between two teams with great players. Carpenter & Wainwright vs C.C & Burnett, Pujols vs A-Rod or Tex... I'll give them LaRussa but 2 things the Cardinals don't have- Derek Jeter & Mariano Rivera!
-The older Yankees seemed to be complacent over the past few seasons/playoffs, but Tex, C.C, Swish, & Burnett just make this team seem to want it always, hence the amount of walk off and comeback victories this year.

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