Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Prediction

Well its all over after tonight. Another NFL season has come and gone, and another enjoyable one it was. Now to finish it off with the two #1 seeds in each conference in a battle for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
Now to the predictions- When this matchup was first official two weeks ago tonight I thought the Colts were easily going to beat the Saints up and if the game was a week later I might still have thought that. But things change, the Super Bowl and it's crazyness changes players, coaches, media, predictions, ect. And although I feel that if the Saints play anywhere near the level they played at against the Vikings this could be one of those Super Bowl's where everyone at the party is more focused on their bets, box #'s, food and next years fantasy draft. But the thing is, I just no longer feel the Saints will play that badly. Whether it will be because of the time off giving New Orleans so much time to think about how they were so close to not being in this game, or just the re-adjusting or maybe even the different matchup the Saints will play better. The problem is I just don't see them playing well enough in their first Super Bowl (I realize some players have been there before) to beat Peyton Manning, who arguably is playing the best football in his career. And I just don't see the Saints defense stepping up and stopping Peyton when they need to most which is in the 4th quarter.
Now we all know that Peyton did not play well his first time around in the Super Bowl, and probably did not deserve the MVP, well if you don't think thats something Peyton Manning (Mr. Competitive) has constantly thought about your crazy, he will definitely be looking to solidify himself in Super Bowl lure tonight with an epic performance whether it be breaking Steve Youngs' TD record in a single Super Bowl (5) or a late game comeback or maybe something that will have a nickname like "the drive" or "the catch". Now i personally don't see him throwing 5 but hey why not 4? Colts win 34-30 on a late Peyton Manning Td to Wayne, just adding to his already rich and unbelievable legacy with another MVP!

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